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Thought Bubble 2015 (thoughts, review, comics)

We recently held the biggest (and friendliest, IMO) pure comics convention in the UK here in Leeds. It’s called Thought Bubble and even if you just take the weekend into account – it does run for an entire week – … Continue reading

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Post-apocalyptic survival skills like sailing.

One day all the oil will run out. Electricity will stop working because of a shift in the Earth’s magnetic field. Someone will nuke someone else. A guy who really hates smartphones will invent a portable EMP that runs off … Continue reading

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Roots to Shoots at The Swine that Dines

Sometimes when you find a decent food place you tend not to shout about it because you kind of want to keep it to yourself and if too many people show up it’ll change and it’ll just be all wrong … Continue reading

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40things: chocbots!

Back in September I ran a bunch of workshops on how to make a chocolate robot. It was part of Cornucopia Leeds (and was reviewed), a food festival held in the bottom of the corn exchange which had all kinds … Continue reading

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Restaurant stuff: Grub & Grog Shop at the Northern Monk Brew Co.

Sundays are lazy days. They’re meant to be. You’re not supposed to work, you’re supposed to appreciate the world around you and take the time to think about that for a minute. I don’t sleep in on a weekend very … Continue reading

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I wasn’t planning on getting on my bike, and yet.

Although I’m volunteering as a Tourmaker for the TdF (five weeks away!) I wasn’t really expecting to get on my bike any time before then; my feelings on cycling in Leeds are pretty well established (the short version is that … Continue reading

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40 things: Dancing like it’s 1924.

Amongst people I see a lot it’s probably pretty clear that I have personal space issues. I’m not a natural go-in-for-the-handshake type of chap, and the “sweetie!” hug-and-cheek is something very few people get from me. It’s not that I … Continue reading

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