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Thought Bubble 2015 (thoughts, review, comics)

We recently held the biggest (and friendliest, IMO) pure comics convention in the UK here in Leeds. It’s called Thought Bubble and even if you just take the weekend into account – it does run for an entire week – … Continue reading

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Some Reasons Why I do Analogue Photography.

This morning I was idly looking at twitter when I saw someone say “Why would anyone want to explore analogue photography? You don’t find gamers wanting to play with pacman anymore. Or do you?” This, to me, is rantbait. You … Continue reading

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Concerning museum opening times on websites.

You know how you occasionally have a spare day and you don’t know what to do with it? Like a bank holiday, or something like that? Well, we’ve got a few bank holidays coming up and it might be worth … Continue reading

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Red shirts and burning by degrees.

See if you can pick me out. Go on. This is the remnants of the Redshirts – volunteers – after packing up at Thought Bubble. I had a great time helping out, although was knackered by the end of the … Continue reading

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Periscope, results section.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post about making a periscope so I could take photos underwater. Go & read it. I’ll wait. I ended up not using it at the time because it was a bit … Continue reading

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“Shoes that melt”: 47 miles of poetry

In retrospect, walking 47 miles after the wettest summer since records began may not have been the brightest idea I’d ever come up with, but I’d booked the time off work and I needed to stretch my legs. I was … Continue reading

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