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Leeds 10k, 2015 edition

For the third time, I did the Run4all Leeds 10k this year. Unusually though, there were people there I knew relatively well, because I’ve been running with them once a week since March. Say hello to some of the South … Continue reading

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Reviews of 2014, part 1: running & hiking.

Everybody does this review thing, don’t they? I know I always used to do it in Another Place when I had time to update that constantly, but I’ve got out of practice in recent years and so I’m not sure … Continue reading

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September is the daftest month.

I don’t know why I do this to myself, sometimes. And then I remember: saying “no” to interesting things is really, really hard for me. Which is why, after a few months of stuff being relatively calm, I’ve found myself … Continue reading

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40things: running, again. This time it’s about plans.

This running lark isn’t just about getting fit. Well, it is. But there’s specific targets that I’d quite like to hit on the way to getting fit and if I can take in some nice scenery on the way then … Continue reading

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