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Thought Bubble 2015 (thoughts, review, comics)

We recently held the biggest (and friendliest, IMO) pure comics convention in the UK here in Leeds. It’s called Thought Bubble and even if you just take the weekend into account – it does run for an entire week – … Continue reading

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Restaurant stuff: Grub & Grog Shop at the Northern Monk Brew Co.

Sundays are lazy days. They’re meant to be. You’re not supposed to work, you’re supposed to appreciate the world around you and take the time to think about that for a minute. I don’t sleep in on a weekend very … Continue reading

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Speaking out loud: some videos where I do just that thing.

(Last updated: July 20th 2015) It occurred to me that I don’t have a definitive list of the videos that involve me speaking to an audience. This is remiss, so the fix is here. Cake: (I re-did cake for both … Continue reading

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Pub food reviews: Sunday lunch at Crowd of Favours

At Chez Backwardslion we do like going out for Sunday lunch in a pub every now & then. Like everybody we have our favourite locations and we’re not going to go to big chain pubs for something like this. We’re … Continue reading

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