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Dessert Island discs

A throwaway comment made by a friend a few days ago made me start thinking about desserts, and what five desserts would I take with me to a desert island. You know, like the Radio 4 programme about records. I … Continue reading

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Cake is a pretty big part of my life; it’s something I’ve done since I was very small and it makes me happy to see a properly baked cake come out of the oven, golden, whistling to itself, smelling like … Continue reading

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40things: chocbots!

Back in September I ran a bunch of workshops on how to make a chocolate robot. It was part of Cornucopia Leeds (and was reviewed), a food festival held in the bottom of the corn exchange which had all kinds … Continue reading

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September is the daftest month.

I don’t know why I do this to myself, sometimes. And then I remember: saying “no” to interesting things is really, really hard for me. Which is why, after a few months of stuff being relatively calm, I’ve found myself … Continue reading

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Food: felafel and stick blenders.

Chickpeas are amazing, aren’t they? They’re dried, hard bullets that you can use to thwart home invaders in kid-driven sitcoms if you’ve run out of marbles, which then magically expand like foam dinosaurs when you leave them to soak for … Continue reading

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40 things: just what on earth do I have on my cookbook shelves?

It turns out I have far fewer cookbooks than I thought I had. One of the problems with guesstimation is that sometimes things aren’t all the same size. A few weeks ago I’d counted up the number of books on … Continue reading

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40 things: kimchi and knitting

One of the things I’m not that keen on is wasting time. I know it’s sometimes necessary to maintain mental health, but I’m also aware that at the same time as, say, watching episodes of Doctor Who I could be … Continue reading

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