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Dessert Island discs

A throwaway comment made by a friend a few days ago made me start thinking about desserts, and what five desserts would I take with me to a desert island. You know, like the Radio 4 programme about records. I … Continue reading

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Archiving the present

Fairwell then, the print version of the Indy. The victim of a digital culture (which we’re not really in to the extent people think, but I’ll come to that in a moment), the last national newspaper to be forged in … Continue reading

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Thought Bubble 2015 (thoughts, review, comics)

We recently held the biggest (and friendliest, IMO) pure comics convention in the UK here in Leeds. It’s called Thought Bubble and even if you just take the weekend into account – it does run for an entire week – … Continue reading

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Running (again).

On Sunday I did my third race of the year, which was only two weeks after my second. My fourth (and last) is in four weeks; it feels strange to think that many people’s racing seasons seems to be over … Continue reading

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Cake is a pretty big part of my life; it’s something I’ve done since I was very small and it makes me happy to see a properly baked cake come out of the oven, golden, whistling to itself, smelling like … Continue reading

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Leeds 10k, 2015 edition

For the third time, I did the Run4all Leeds 10k this year. Unusually though, there were people there I knew relatively well, because I’ve been running with them once a week since March. Say hello to some of the South … Continue reading

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Post-apocalyptic survival skills like sailing.

One day all the oil will run out. Electricity will stop working because of a shift in the Earth’s magnetic field. Someone will nuke someone else. A guy who really hates smartphones will invent a portable EMP that runs off … Continue reading

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