Colluding in mad plans, 2015 edition.

What am I doing this year? Here’s the brief outline of what I’d like to get on with.

  • Part 1: hangovers from last year that I’d still like to do.
    • making cheese
    • brewing beer
    • horseriding, just to try
  • Part 2: new things that I’d like to have a go at.
    • standup comedy course, for kicks and giggles
    • sailing classes, as the last time I did this was 25 years ago and I want my RYA1&2
    • breadmaking class, to see just where I’m going wrong in technique
  • Part 3: things that I really should do more of.
    • practicing baking
    • blogging what I make
    • exercise, but this is a perennial thing – I can always do more
    • photographing stuff
  • Part 4: things that people are helping me to get on with.
    • drop spinning (am looking forwards to this – I’ve got a kit and some gorgeous raw wool from my dear friend Beff) and knitting what I drop
    • writing for websites (like Exposure Leeds and T&C – and if you ask me to guest blog I probably will do)

    Is there anything else I should be getting on with? Let me know!

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