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Turtles all the way down.

Only being subjected to British confectionary for 90% of my life meant that I had no idea what Turtles were when my friend K asked me how to make them. Apparently they’re an American/Canadian sweetie made from chocolate, caramel and … Continue reading

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Sometimes I do daft little watercolours.

Just before Christmas NASA released a bunch of fake tourism posters in a 1930s style for exoplanets which are outside our solar system. I only saw them this week and they instantly reminded me of the classic British Railways tourism … Continue reading

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Colluding in mad plans, 2015 edition.

What am I doing this year? Here’s the brief outline of what I’d like to get on with. Part 1: hangovers from last year that I’d still like to do. making cheese brewing beer horseriding, just to try Part 2: … Continue reading

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Reviews of 2014, part 2: 40things whilst being 40

Last year I started a mini-project; 40 Things To Do Whilst Being 40. As I turned 41 back in December the project should probably come to an end now. So, how did I do? It turns out I didn’t really … Continue reading

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Reviews of 2014, part 1: running & hiking.

Everybody does this review thing, don’t they? I know I always used to do it in Another Place when I had time to update that constantly, but I’ve got out of practice in recent years and so I’m not sure … Continue reading

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