All the Things in one weekend.

About a year ago I was cursing my frail body, because it had been diagnosed with a bouncing new hypertensive condition and was under doctor’s orders: Do Not Run. I was quite upset about this because I wanted to do my second 10k, the Abbey Dash, and couldn’t. Instead I quelled my sorrows by helping out at Thought Bubble where I was the hall leader for a concrete shell of a building with 300 tables and four other volunteers.

This year I booked my Abbey Dash place early, because, yanno, I was going to do this. I didn’t really comprehend the date, if I’m honest – it was in November and I booked back in August, not long after I totally cocked up running the Leeds 10k and started taking this running lark seriously.

In September I was put back in the “please don’t run” camp by a mild heart problem. I confirmed that I’d help out at Thought Bubble, not really comprehending the date because I thought I’d probably not be able to do the Dash again.

In October I had an angiogram (which was clear), was told I was fine to start running again, so I restarted training with three weeks to go before the Dash. And then I thought “hang on, when is Thought Bubble again?” and of course they were the same weekend. The idea of limits has never really appealed to me, and whilst I know where my boundaries are I do like to make sure they can be tested, so I thought for about four seconds and went “I can do this.”

So I did: TB this year was a well-oiled machine, with no last minute surprises other than the usual tiny things. I arranged that I’d be in late on Sunday, and showed up on time on Saturday and had a great day, and then on Sunday I had my porridge and ran all the way around the Abbey Dash route. When I say “ran” I mean I didn’t walk at all, didn’t stop at all, and my pace didn’t drop below 12min/mile for the whole route. I even showboated slightly at the end with a sprint finish that I did with gritted teeth because I knew I could do it and wanted to get my time under the 1:16 I did back in July, and if I could get it under 1:12 I’d be even happier.

Official time? 1:11.14. I’d knocked four minutes and forty-six seconds off my 10k PB. To say I was happy was, well, an understatement.

Anyway, after that I went back to Thought Bubble and got back on shift, and didn’t finish until 8pm. And because I was a bit tired decided to leave the redshirts after just a pint and collapsed at home, where I slept like the dead for 9 hours and went to work the following morning. Because like an idiot I’d not booked the Monday off.

If I do the same thing next year – both the Dash and TB – then please, remind me to book the day after off.

(My actual TB writeup will show up sometime this weekend. Contains thoughts about comics.)

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3 Responses to All the Things in one weekend.

  1. You are quite mad, you know, but you make me feel better about my own similar madness.


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