September is the daftest month.

Chocolate robots

I don’t know why I do this to myself, sometimes. And then I remember: saying “no” to interesting things is really, really hard for me. Which is why, after a few months of stuff being relatively calm, I’ve found myself in the busiest of busy months with no real idea of how this just happened.

Here’s what I’m doing:

  • A new set of Lindy Hop classes (my third!) by those lovely people at Swing Dance Leeds. How nice! Yes, except this is a bit dramatic because it’s leading up to a performance. A public performance. In a theatre. On the main stage of the Carriageworks here in Leeds as part of a showcase event. At the moment I’m looking at this as learning blocking, as if I was in a play – I don’t even need to learn lines! – because after all that I’ve done I’m still sufficiently self-conscious about dancing in public that if I thought about this too much I’m going to cock it up. So: not thinking about it. It’s a class, c’est tout. (Performance date is Sat 27th, if you want to come along.)
  • Helping out at Leeds International Beer Festival (behind the bar!) at the town hall. That’s Thursday-Sunday this week; I’m only doing three out of the six shifts, though. I’m looking forwards to that, it’ll be fun. If you see me pulling pints, say hello!
  • Regular Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday runs. I PB’d Parkrun last week and although I’m concentrating on maintenance the speed work is coming along. Tuesday runs, I’ve moved up a group.
  • A workshop at the Corn Exchange on making chocolate robots. I’m not attending that, I’m running it. I shall be spending one Saturday showing people how to properly melt, flavour and temper chocolate suitable for moulding. There’s only 36 30 slots but at a measley two quid per slot it’s a bargain for anybody attending. That one is part of Cornucopia Underground, an event for local food & drink producers which looks tremendously exciting.
  • The Kirkstall Abbey 7, a nearly 7-mile run through all kinds of exciting terrain in North Leeds. However, this is only a plan, not a definite thing because of the workshop the day before; if I’m doing it it’ll be on-the-day entry.
  • …and a trip to Cornwall.

I have no sympathy for myself.

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4 Responses to September is the daftest month.

  1. Kay Brown says:

    I’ve booked onto the chocobot workshop 🙂 I’d say that at least you have a break in Cornwall after all that but then again you’ll probably still be out and about exploring and not resting very much (if our trip is anything to go by!)

    • backwardslion says:

      Thanks for booking on 🙂 And the break will be a bit of a rest but I’m not good at doing that sort of thing…

  2. sue says:

    great moulds – where did they come from?

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