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40things: running, again. This time it’s about plans.

This running lark isn’t just about getting fit. Well, it is. But there’s specific targets that I’d quite like to hit on the way to getting fit and if I can take in some nice scenery on the way then … Continue reading

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Everybody loves pasties, don’t they?

No picture, because everybody knows what a pastie is. And they all got eaten before I thought to photograph. Actually, come to think of it there could be confusion. So, a pastie is a small pastry case wrapped around some … Continue reading

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40things: getting fitter, $deity help me.

One of the 40 Things is to get slightly fitter, and there are many reasons for this. The important thing, though, is improvement; maintenance isn’t really something I’m interested in, and I could do that just by sticking with Parkrun … Continue reading

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