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Speaking out loud: some videos where I do just that thing.

(Last updated: July 20th 2015) It occurred to me that I don’t have a definitive list of the videos that involve me speaking to an audience. This is remiss, so the fix is here. Cake: (I re-did cake for both … Continue reading

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40 things: just what on earth do I have on my cookbook shelves?

It turns out I have far fewer cookbooks than I thought I had. One of the problems with guesstimation is that sometimes things aren’t all the same size. A few weeks ago I’d counted up the number of books on … Continue reading

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Some Reasons Why I do Analogue Photography.

This morning I was idly looking at twitter when I saw someone say “Why would anyone want to explore analogue photography? You don’t find gamers wanting to play with pacman anymore. Or do you?” This, to me, is rantbait. You … Continue reading

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