Pub food reviews: Sunday lunch at Crowd of Favours

At Chez Backwardslion we do like going out for Sunday lunch in a pub every now & then. Like everybody we have our favourite locations and we’re not going to go to big chain pubs for something like this. We’re (generally speaking) veggie so will always pick a place based on the quality or “interestingness” of the veggie roast – a totally subjective opinion, and we’re keen to try out stuff that makes us think “ooh, that sounds like fun.”

Our usual – and to be honest, it’s the first choice for many Leodensians – is The Adelphi, which does a cracking nut roast with a great nut selection and it’s not too dry or heavy, with some great cheese running through it. The trimmings are also very good indeed. We like the ‘Delph. But we thought about giving a different pub, one which has been touted as a contender for The Best Sunday Lunch in Leeds title, a shot. This pub is Crowd of Favours, between the Markets and the parish church.


The veggie option is – at the moment – a “portobello mushroom wellington” which wasn’t what I expected at all. This is a whole big mushroom with cheese-and-mustard leeks and spinach, wrapped in filo pastry. It is delicious, and made a nice change from a nut roast. The filo was an especially nice touch, as wellingtons are usually wrapped in puff pastry which can often go a bit soggy if the contents go a bit wet (leeks are prone to this) and in this case the pastry stayed nice and crisp and provided a good contrast to the rest of the meal. A bit like crackling, I guess. Something crunchy is always good.

Trimmings are fine. I’m not a huge fan of roast new potatoes, if I’m honest (I prefer a good fluffy spud, like a king edward, for roasties), but the parsnip was well done and the greens were superb. The real surprise was the cauli cheese, which I’m unsure about on a roast dinner as cheese and gravy don’t make natural bedfellows in my mind. This turned my opinion around, I’m pleased to say, with lovely soft cauli in a tasty, but not overpowering or too much cheese sauce. The yorkshire pud was also a decent level of fluffy, with good veggie gravy that again wasn’t too overpowering. We couldn’t manage a dessert, though – too full.

We went when it was pretty quiet – around 12:30 – and service was fast and everybody was cheerful. A pint of Magic Rock‘s Ringmaster NZ went down very nicely alongside the lunch.

Overall? We’d certainly go again. On the roast spuds the ‘Delph has it, but the wellington made a lovely change to a nut roast. This might not be the best Sunday Lunch in Leeds for veggies but it’s certainly well up there.

(No, I wasn’t paid for this review neither do I know anybody who works for Leeds Brewery, and I paid for this meal.)

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