40 things: The List (so far).

1-IMAG1097As part of my 40 whilst 40 I need a list of things to do, because instead of going along like a pollen grain under a microscope, bouncing from molecule to molecule under Brownian motion, I need a framework, which could well be abandoned later but at least gets me started.

Here’s the list up to now.

  • Foody stuff:
    • Home fermenting:
      • kimchi
      • beer
      • sourdough
      • cheese
    • run a chocolate workshop
    • go to more cake clubs
    • organise the cookbooks and get a better idea of what I have
    • write down all the daft ideas I have for chocolate truffle flavours and make them
  • Exercisey stuff:
    • horse riding
    • sub 30m 5k time
    • learn front crawl
    • take at least one pilates class
    • the Abbey Dash in November
    • go for a nice long walk somewhere hilly
  • Fun stuff:
    • document all my books read this year (which I’m historically bad at)
    • neon workshop
    • do more writing (Yes, get on with Silver)
    • do more drawing, and possibly link the two together
    • knitting project
    • have a go at lindy hop
    • try & do a memory jar
    • baking project
    • Podcasty something. Maybe a monthly catchup on what I’ve been up to? (would anybody listen?)
    • do a multi-part, guitar-and-uke version of some music I’m quite fond of all by myself
  • Photo stuff:
    • Food photography
    • Sign up with Picfair
    • take more landscape shots
    • see if I can get the script for Hungry written and possibly shot
  • Scary stuff:
    • Get up and talk in front of a paying audience (which may or may not be stand-up)
    • Have a singing lesson
    • do a challenge set by someone else

People who can count may spot that this is only 31 things. At the moment I’m looking at that list and thinking “woah, that looks like a lot of things” but I’m hoping that I come across more things that I want to do during the year. It is only January, after all. If you have any ideas for what I could do then please get in touch – there’s 10 slots left to fill, and one of those slots will be taken up by something suggested by you…

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