40 things: Knitting project.

A “knitting project” as a concept was a bit woolly so I thought I’d take the opportunity to brush up on my quite, quite dreadful technique. And then my friend Cathy told me about Knit Camp.

Knit Camp 2014

KNIT CAMP! What a brilliant idea! A 4-week programme of doing knitting! I like this plan. So I’ll give that a go. Plus I have the excuse of being able to go & buy more stuff for the stash. Except it started today so I’ll have to pull my socks up.

Really wierdly I don’t have any 5mm needles, so in order to follow the guidelines properly I have to head on up to my favourite wool shop, Baa Ram Ewe in Headingley, one lunchtime. Oh, the hardship.

I do know how to knit, by the way, after a fashion. I’ve been making hats and mittens over the last year (including some cracking Bagpuss inspired ones, shown below in not-quite-finished state).

I also knocked up a Gru scarf, which if nothing else told me that I need to learn how to knit better as it just curled up on itself. Sheepishly, I know why – the type of stitch I used was the wrong type for scarves – but I only know that now because it went wrong. Still, experimentation is important, which is why I made a crochetted hat that could quite easily have ended up ridiculous, and I’ll need to have a concerted effort not to make that sort of balls-up again.

Bonus: gain 2 points if you can spot all the knitting-related puns in this post.

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