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Concerning Marmalade.

This weekend was all about the marmalade. So, what happened was this: I asked on Twitter for someone near to the markets to see if anywhere had any Seville oranges. Someone I know said they’d pop in. They found some, … Continue reading

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Home baking is killing Ainsleys. (Tech Bake pt 2.1)

Yesterday I made my own jam doughnuts. I used the Bertinet kneading method, which doesn’t involve constantly swearing at the dough because all it’s doing is sticking to the worktop. This dough did do that, but only for the first … Continue reading

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Obligatory temperature-related blog post.

Hello! Happy New Year! &c. It’s safe to say that we live in a cool house. And when I say “cool” I mean “cold”. We don’t have central heating, and really that’s not a bad thing. It means we only … Continue reading

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