Red shirts and burning by degrees.

TBF12 Volunteers

See if you can pick me out. Go on. This is the remnants of the Redshirts – volunteers – after packing up at Thought Bubble. I had a great time helping out, although was knackered by the end of the weekend.

I’ve recently been very busy – although when am I not – but did want to mark the “hey, I got a degree 20 years after I started working on one” occasion. I did. I started my BSc in Microbiology in 1992 and I now have an open BSc(Hons) from the Open University. It’s an Open degree, which is the ideal degree for people with short attention spans like me because it’s all about the credits and not about formal “thou shalt learn this” stuff. I was able to do 180 credits of Level 2 modules, for instance. No need to do a formal project (although it would have been a decent one I wouldn’t have had the time to do a brilliant job). So I am now the proud owner of a Desmond.

In other news we went to Mytholmroyd last week to visit good friends and see their village celebrate the modern wonder that is fire.

Festival of Light

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