Periscope, results section.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post about making a periscope so I could take photos underwater. Go & read it. I’ll wait.

I ended up not using it at the time because it was a bit murky in the test area, but not to worry – I live quite close to the coastline and can visit Scarborough without too many problems. So myself and the better half headed on over to the East Coast and had some ice cream, went for a stroll, and poked around in rock pools for a while as the tide came in (and hermit crabs started crawling over my feet).

The periscope, by the way, ended up looking like this in real life, not too different from those drawings.


The photos that were taken down it, however, were not stellar.



There’s a few problems:

  • the field of view is tiny, so it’s quite difficult to find things
  • the mirror is quite high up the tube for focus reasons, so you can’t really see things underwater unless the tube is submerged quite a way
  • also, you can’t see things creeping along the beach (like the aforementioned hermit crabs) underwater
  • the water acts as an optical element (see how strangely my feet are elongated!)
  • the whole thing is tricky to handle due to weight.

So I’ll be thinking about a mark2 pretty soon. Smaller, lighter, less optically strange and with a wider field of view. Tricky, though. But then, that’s what experimenting is all about.

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