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Inventing orange cake: recipe, experiments, variations.

My head works in strange ways. I know this, and I understand why; brains are like sponges, constantly soaking up information and detail and everything that surrounds us in the environment through which we progress, and then it sifts, sorts … Continue reading

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Look, it’s not about what you ride, it’s about how you ride it.

I’m going to get a bit ranty, today. Sorry about that. It is also very UK -centric. I ride a bike. I also walk, and I drive a car. When I can get away with it (when there’s little traffic) … Continue reading

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Periscope, results section.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post about making a periscope so I could take photos underwater. Go & read it. I’ll wait. I ended up not using it at the time because it was a bit … Continue reading

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